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Flow Plus One

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One poem. One thought. Once a day.

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Flow Plus One is an online poetry project – but it's also much more than that. It's a metaphor for the very notion of free expression.

The human experience isn't something that can be easily encapsulated or summarized – it's messy, unfiltered, and fraught with misunderstanding. But it's in these irregularities that we can find a reason to empathize with one another, and it's that shared experience that Flow Plus One endeavors to capture.

In designing Flow Plus One, I was compelled to reevaluate many assumptions I'd made about creativity – it's admittedly rather unconventional for a public piece of writing. The process is simple: every day, I consider a single thought that captures my imagination, and write a freeform poem. Afterwards, I don't edit or moderate the raw, human emotions I captured on paper; by rejecting grammatical rigor, I'm intentionally choosing to value the unmatched intensity of the flow of consciousness over any pretentious conclusions I might be tempted to draw after the fact. If this sounds a lot like free writing or brainstorming, you'd be right. It's often when our ideas are half-formed and incomplete that we're the least willing to divulge them, but I've come to find that sharing that vulnerability can be an incredibly freeing exercise – hence this project.

Flow Plus One is also an uncopyrighted body of work, meaning that others are free to adapt, remix, or redistribute these poems with or without prior attribution. In my creative work, a common refrain I've discovered is that individual ideas are usually far less important than to the expression that can be achieved through them. As a content creator, I'm rather frustrated by the existing paradigm around access to information and resources, which almost exclusively operates as a function of social and financial privilege. Flow Plus One is an explicit rejection of that status quo; I'd love to see my work evolve in ways I could never achieve of my own accord, and help grow communities that value empathic sharing of ideas and creative potential.

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